Behavioral Models of Isolated Individuals and Entities

Autori: Anton Maštalský, Eduard Dolný

Publikované: Acta Avionica 2021, Volume 23 – Number 2

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Modeling and simulation in computer training to increase civil security are becoming particularly important for the development of today’s society. Many simulator programs today allow the simulation of the influence of individual human factors and it is possible to apply this into model situations, which for safety reasons is difficult to test in real life. However, accurate and effective models of human behavior also indicate great potential in military and crisis management. At present, these methods can be used to simulate the behavior of isolated individuals and entities that have a major impact, for example, on the spread of various viral diseases, depending on several factors. These factors include population, geographical location, age group of the isolated and also social and cultural aspects, to which special space is devoted in this article. These factors can be used as inputs to the model for predicting the behavior of isolated groups of the population, on the basis of which it is possible to estimate in advance the spread of a possible epidemic, through various simulations.