Perimeter Protection of the Areas Of Interest

Autori: František Heško, Martin Fiľko, Jozef Novotňák, Patrik Kašper

Publikované: Acta Avionica 2021, Volume 23 – Number 2

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This article analyses the history and current state in the area of outdoor protection. In the first part of the article, the sensory systems, which have been used for many years are described. Attention is paid to the sensors using conventional principles of the detection of the objects. New modern sensory systems together with their principles used for the protection of the outdoor environment are also described. Other problem is that older sensory systems of spatial protection were focused on the security of properties and buildings without expecting any change position in the time. The article analyzes also new possibilities of protecting of the outdoor perimeter even in the situations when the borders of the areas of interest are only temporary or mobile. And as UAV systems have been used massively and often involve modern multisensory systems, the last part of the article describes current sensors, which have been currently used to detect the UAV systems and to to protect the area of interest.